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REFLECTION: Have you wondered how we get rid of bad habits?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Several days ago I did massive weeding in our sloped garden bed in the front yard.  I started by shoveling up the soil and then pulling each uprooted weed out by hand.  Finding this method a bit boring and tedious, I experimented with a long handled hoe and that did the trick!  I liked this method because it made weeding real easy.

As I observed how the hoe worked and how easily the deep rooted dandelion plants came out, I sensed the Father whispering this is how we get rid of our deep rooted habitual sins.  The hoe broke through the winter hardened soil surface and it shook the soil up to the extent that the anchoring roots, which once held the weed down so firmly, lost it’s grip and released the plant.  I asked the Father what He used as the hoe in our lives and I “heard” Him say
that it was the trials He permitted in our lives.

As I pondered over my trials, I began to realize how perfect this illustration was!  Many, if not all, of my trials break me and shake me to the extent that I begin to examine my core values.  Noticing that some bad habits have crept in to my daily routine, I then confess and offer these to the Father and as I do, peace and healing eventually takes place.

Sounds simple huh?  The problem is our pride and self-sufficiency prevents us from breaking easily and often times, denial and our stubborn nature prevents us from recognizing and seeing things for what they really are.  The devil comes to play, too, as he cleverly disguises things and we are “blinded” from recognizing what should clearly be harmful to our well-being.  Isn’t that how many become addicted to alcohol, to drugs and to comfort eating?

May the Father open our spiritual eyes so we can clearly see the flaws in our lives and may He give us the grace to choose to confess and release them to the Father.

God bless,

Melissa – March 17, 2010

p.s. – ” 12 I beg you not to become discouraged as you read about the terrible things that happened. Consider that this was the Lord’s way of punishing his people, not of destroying them.13 In fact, it is a sign of kindness to punish a person immediately for his sins, rather than to wait a long time.14 The Lord does not treat us as he does other nations: he waits patiently until they have become deeply involved in sin before he punishes them,15 but he punishes us before we have sinned too much.16 So the Lord is always merciful to us, his own people. Although he punishes us with disasters, he never abandons us.17 I have made these few observations by way of reminder. We will now get on with the story.” 2 Maccabees 6: 12-17