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Reflection in the Garden: The uprooted shrub

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

I pulled out a healthy shrub several weeks ago and had forgotten about it.  I encountered it again a few days ago in a terminal state and I was afraid I would have had to toss it out.  It wasn’t one that grew from a seed packet.  In fact, it was among a group of others I had chosen as a special purchase a year before.  It cost some and so it had greater value than one that could be readily replaced.   Noticing some remnants of green on its foliage, I quickly dug a hole, replanted it and gave it a healthy dose of water.  I’ve been visiting it and attempting to nurture it for a few days now, but nothing seems to be happening.  Nevertheless, I continue to water and pray, asking our Father to bring it back to life.

Is the life of a shrub too petty for God to be concerned about?  I don’t think so.  I noticed my efforts were based on my discretionary attachment.  However, I believe God doesn’t play favourites and He is concerned with the life of all.  (Does this include the mosquitoes, Lord?  Sorry Lord, I just had to ask.)

I asked our Father what I could learn from this and gradually, I began to see.  The shrub was still in the same surroundings as all the others.  The sun still shined above, the rain still poured and the soil still remained beneath it.  All the shrubs remained healthy except for the uprooted one.  What was wrong?  Didn’t they receive the same nourishments?  Yes they did!   The difference was the roots of the uprooted one remained on the surface and it was exposed to the elements.

Our Father began to reveal that a similar thing takes place in the spiritual world.  Many of us are like the shrub.  In our younger years, our parents brought us to Church and they and a few others taught us about our faith walk.  Although we rebelled some, we were nourished, protected and unknowingly, we grew.  Unfortunately, as adulthood came around, many of us chose to rebel.  We uprooted ourselves from our faith foundation and we exposed ourselves to the ways of the world.  We may have still been exposed to the same elements as those who walk closely with God.  We attend Mass… seasonally.   The Bible is still part of our library and over the years, it has accumulated interesting layers of dust.  We pray, some… especially when we need a favour from God.  We get “nourishment”, in a limited sense, but it remains limited because we are not rooted and grounded in the way which allows us to grow.

Father God, thank you for the many lessons you teach us from nature.  You, alone, know the state that we’re at.  We ask for your grace to renew our faith in You and we give You permission to be our friend.  Many say that You are real.  Show us that you are real.  In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.

God bless,

Melissa – June 24, 2014