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REFLECTION: Are you really listening?

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Several months ago, I came across a skit of the Lord’s Prayer on Youtube.  The skit opens with a smiling woman with a magazine in one hand and a coffee mug in the other.  She sits herself comfortably down on a lounge chair and you can see that she is looking forward to a relaxing time, sipping her coffee while she flips through the magazine’s pages.  As she glances at the side table before she puts her coffee mug down, her eyes come across a Bible.  Her demeanor immediately changes.  The smile is now gone and with a sigh, she takes the Bible and begins to pray through the Lord’s Prayer…

She begins…”Our Father, who art in heaven…”  A gentle voice replies, “Yes?”  The woman is startled and she eventually asks, “You mean you’re really listening to this prayer, God?”

Isn’t that an interesting question?  Don’t we expect God to listen when we pray?  The woman mentions that she recites the prayer as part of her religious duty and she actually prompts God to hurry it up as she looks at her watch because this conversation is taking longer than she expected.  In fact, she never expected this conversation to begin with!

God calls each of us into an intimate and personal relationship with Him and there’s no better way to develop that relationship than when we spend time with Him in prayer.  Unfortunately, the woman realizes that her prayer time would go much quicker if He would step out of the picture and if He would allow her to quickly ramble on, finishing her memorized prayer.  But what about the relationship?  At first she doesn’t seem to care for it, but as they converse a little longer, she begins to understand the importance of it.

Father God, we ask that You put a hunger in our hearts for moments spent with you.  Father, we don’t know how to be quiet and to be still anymore.  In fact Lord, we don’t want to be still because we are afraid to see what is within ourselves. Forgive us Lord and renew us in You.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

May our Father speak to you as you watch this 8 minute, 51 seconds clip…

God bless,

Melissa – October 1, 2014

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