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REFLECTION in the Garden: Vines and Water-logged Grass Seeds

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


I love early summer mornings, especially when I am drawn to the garden.  It is as if our Father beckons me to His garden so we can walk together  “in the coolness of the day”.  This morning, as I basked in the tranquility and the love surrounding me, I thought of Adam and Eve.  They were in paradise and their friendship with God was so rich.  I wondered why they chose to doubt Him.

Although I didn’t voice my thoughts, it didn’t take long before our Father gave me a glimpse of what could have taken place in the beautiful  Garden of Eden.  A vine (probably a Morning Glory) had worked its way around a rose plant.  I had often asked God why these vines twirl themselves around others and then I sensed, “It’s because they don’t have backbones.  They need the ‘body’ of another to support them!”  I had no doubt a lesson was coming.

Because Satan and his adversaries were cast out forever from Heaven, Satan continues to take His revenge on the Father.  What better way for him than to destroy the Father’s greatest creation in His image and likeness.  In my mind’s eye, I pictured Satan, in the form of a snake, coiled around the body of the woman as she took a bite off the fruit.  I am not sure if it is possible, but as the woman swallowed the fruit, I saw the snake look up at Heaven with a smile.  Isn’t that what the Morning Glory vines do when they are finally exposed to the sun?  Their flowers bloom as they bask in the warmth of the sun!

I wondered why the thorns on the rose plant didn’t protect  it from the vine.  To that, our Father reminded me that the enemy and his adversaries are extremely crafty.  They study our weaknesses and when we aren’t alert, using the weapons (thorns) God has given us, they creep up around us, choking us with their strongholds.

I then moved on to a “green” patch that had brought great disappointment.  The patch was green alright, but it was as a result of the green medium the manufacturers incorporated with the grass seeds to facilitate distribution.  I had bought 3 bags of these “Golf Course quality grass seeds” 2 seasons ago.  Having been told the seeds would keep, I stored these bags in a bin until I was ready to use them.  It appears as if someone had moved the bin because after the April showers, the bin had accumulated some water.  It was such a disappointment to realize that the bags had some holes and water had managed to seep into them.  Hoping against all odds that the seeds would still be alright, I spread the 3 bags worth of seed onto that small plot of land.  Faithful daily watering brought some success, but what resulted was a patch of grass that looked like it survived a horrid mowing experience!

Each day as I faithfully watered the patch, I was reminded that we plant and water, but it is up to God to make the seeds grow.  I had since bought a new bag of seeds and as I bargained with our Father this morning to let the sown seeds grow rather than have me reseed the patch again, He reminded me that the water logged seeds were like the watered down Gospel His people may have preached along the way.  Many preach God’s Word, but some have altered it so that they are not offensive to today’s society.

Our Father asked me to look at the patch.   He reminded me that I had laid down several bags of fertile soil.  He had especially asked me to look at the fake green that laid over it where hardly any grass grew.  He explained that many appeared to have been seeded with His truth, but rather than grow in His truth, they merely reflected a fake green color.  (ie: Baptized pagans sitting on the pews)

He then mentioned that It was only the seeds that were not water logged that were able to take root and to grow.  He expanded that regardless of how regularly I watered them and fertilized them, these damaged seeds would not sprout and take root because they no longer held the “Truth”.  Our Father then reminded me that it was time to reseed the community with His Truth.

Father God, we thank You for Your Word.  We thank You that Your Word has power to transform and heal so that we can grow to be more like Jesus.  Forgive us for diluting Your Word.  We ask for Your grace to be God pleasers rather than people pleasers and we ask for a new revival, a new Pentecost.  Lord, we ask for the grace to go forth with Your New Evangelization to reach those who have never met you, but to also reach those who have been sacramentalized but who still do not know You.  In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.

God bless,

Melissa – June 18, 2015 12:44 p.m.