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REFLECTION in the Garden: Bumble Bees and Honey Bees…

Monday, July 13th, 2015

IMG_5677 (2)

We have a lot of buzzing visitors in our Father’s garden of late.  As I passed by a fuzzy one who was busy at work this morning, I sensed our Father whisper that we, the children of God, are like these bees.  Just like each bee, each of us has been called to a mission, pollinating each individual with the seed of Truth and eternal life.  I sensed our Father also say that today, the future of our bees are threatened.  Dangers lurk out in our world, threatening  their very survival.  He clearly reminded me that without these busy bees, life on earth will come to an end.  Have you noticed that we, God’s pollinators, are also being threatened by the cares of this world?  Can you foresee what the world’s future will be like when we fail to do God’s bidding?

Father God, thank You for Your lesson in the garden.  Thank You for giving each one of us the desire and the vigour to share Your living word of life with others.  Please help us to work as steadily and as faithfully as these bees so that the world will have Life.  Just as the survival of the bees are dependent on their ability to work together in a colony, help Your children gather together and help us build and encourage each other periodically so that we can remain strong in You.  And Lord, thank you for the loyal example of the bees who are forever loyal to their queen bee.  May we be like them, remaining loyal to You to the very end.

God bless,

Melissa – July 13, 2015