REFLECTION in the garden: When it rains…


Although it was overcast, the beautiful floral pictures in a forwarded e-mail inspired me to go outdoors to capture the blooms in the garden . As I began to sort through the photos, the sky broke open and the rain began to fall. I realized that the beauty was still there, but the down pour prevented me from continuing to enjoy the beauty. As I deleted the blurry ones and enhanced and cropped the others, I sensed that words needed to be included with the pictures. The music was chosen randomly and the words began to flow as if they were meant specifically for each picture. What was difficult to fathom was the pictures remain in the exact order in which they were taken. All I can say to this is God’s hand was definitely in the making of “When it rains…” He was the true Director.

Please consider viewing… May it bring healing and hope to all.

God bless,

Melissa – April 28, 2015

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  1. e-mail from friends... says:

    – Great job Melissa!!….never knew you had this “other” talent. Beautiful.
    Thank-you; God bless you: Ted.

    – Melissa, this is AWESOME!!! GOOD FOR YOU! I knew you were creative but
    this is really beautiful and inspired! Thank you for sharing it with
    me! Can I forward it to friends? God Bless you! Vicki

    – Good job my friend, I’m yearning to visit your garden right now! Nancy

    – Very beautiful, Melissa! Lovely actors and well chosen location! 🙂 –
    Cecilia (BC Cakes)

    – Thank you Melissa ,Very touching , My heart and my soul .
    May God bless you, Joe M

    – May your spirit also be lifted as you lift others’. – Ikuko

    – Oh Melissa, this is so precious! Thank you for sharing. The photos of the
    blooms in your garden are spectacular. You did an excellent job of
    producing this video. You are very artistic and have an eye for

    Most important of all, I love the message contained in it. I have at
    times felt so depressed and saddened by all the hate, destruction, war,
    famine, and poverty that surround us. It is overwhelming. But I get
    it…we must trust in our Lord especially in chaotic and difficult times
    like these where the whole world seems to have gone mad. Thanks for the
    reminder. Can I forward this and share with my friends?
    Blessings, Kathy

    – beautiful, who can deny there is a creator when you look at these??

    – Awesome! Well done Melissa. That was fabulous. What a beautiful garden
    and very inspirational words. God Bless, Rose

    – Hi Melisa, Thank you so much for the beautiful slide show. It made me
    cry. God is always with us, even when life circumstances sometimes make
    us question that. Have a wonderful day. Marcela

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