REFLECTION: The practise and the final run (Until we meet again, Anne…)


I turned the alarm off and joined the morning commute eastward, driving patiently as the traffic permitted and I arrived a few minutes before 9:00… only to realize that her memorial service was not until this week.  Since Anne’s passing the 30th of August, I’ve been anxiously waiting to take part in her celebration of life.  She had requested her friends wear colorful garments so we can truly celebrate who she was.  I was ready then, but the others weren’t.  I guess I can say that that was a trial run?

The same routine was repeated this week, but this time, the alarm was set half an hour earlier.  To my surprise, the alarm didn’t ring, but I still woke a few minutes after the time set.  I would have thought waking up a tad earlier would get me there earlier, but I still arrived at around the same time.

Anne’s memorial service was good, but it was different.  Perhaps it lacked Anne’s presence?  Unlike our traditional celebration of life in the Catholic faith, her remains were not present.  But even if her remains were with us, her spirit would not be present, would it?  In my heart, I knew Anne’s spirit would be present when we brought her recent memories back to life.

The first tribute given was  by Anne’s long time friend.  Their journey began at UBC and she revealed how much Anne loved to learn.  Other stories were shared, but what caught my attention was her love to cook and to decorate cake.  Her brother then shared some and so did her nephew.  I had arrived without even the faintest inclination of sharing, but I felt Anne’s last days needed to be mentioned.  So, teeter tottering up the stairs with heels and then to the podium, I explained that I was Anne’s friend, but merely a distant one.  I shared how Anne had beconed me by e-mail 27 days before her passing, greeting me with “What a glorious day!  I am going to paradise!”  This was Anne’s constant view of her deteriorating physical state.

Family and friends were informed that the first thing Anne said to the nurse when she arrived at the hospice was, “I’m hungry!”  Before I left that day, I heard her say “I wonder if I can order Chinese takeout?”  That was Anne.  Unlike the norm, her appetite continued to be enormous!  When I asked, our Father had said that her hearty physical appetite was an analogy of her hearty appetite for His Word.  Daily, Anne lavishly devoured the scripture passages she asked her guests to read out loud and the week before she fell, I had overheard her tell her visiting Pastor that her body was so tired, but she was still so hungry for her spiritual food.

As I closed, I wondered out loud why Anne had tried to get out of bed on her own that Saturday, when in the past, she had always been cautious about falling.  Perhaps… just as the preliminary run I had last week… perhaps Anne had a glimpse of Jesus beconing her and so she decided to get up and run to Him? Anne passed 3 days after her fall…  that was her final run and I imagine she was escorted by her Groom, the One who she adored the most, into Paradise.

Until we meet again my friend…

God bless,

Melissa – September 19, 2016

p.s. – Because I shared, several, who I did not know, approached and thanked me for doing so.  Many had asked which Church I attended and if not mistaken, many were surprised when I said I was a Catholic.  One in particular began to give me her speel of what she “knew” about the Catholic faith and she made sure she told me that we shouldn’t pray to Mary and the Saints.  I gently explained that we do not pray to Mary and the Saints and that we ask them to intercede and pray for us.  She asked why we didn’t go directly to Jesus and I told her that we do, but just as we ask others to intercede for us through prayer chains, we also ask Mary and the Saints to do the same.  (“Then another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, along with the prayers of all the saints, on the golden altar before the throne. And the smoke of the incense,with the prayers of the saints, rose up before God from the hand of the angel.Revelations 8:3-4)

She then quoted from John 14:6“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  I agreed with her and I told her that we believe the same truth, but we worship our Father in a different manner.  I did stress that our Catholic faith is based on a personal relationship with Jesus.

She thanked me for sharing.  Lord, thank You for our dialogue!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Hail Mary, I share…

Hail Mary, full of grace.  Our Lord is with thee.  (Luke 1:28)
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  (Luke 1:42)
Holy Mary, Mother of God, (Luke 1:30)
pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.


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  1. In His Time says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Melissa. That was a beautiful tribute to Anne. She was a pure soul and is an inspiration to me.


  2. In His Time says:

    Thanks for sharing, Melissa. May Jesus let me remember Anne when it is time for me to journey home. Anne’s attitude is the attitude I want when it is my time.

    Very good the way you defended our faith. The verses you quoted made me have another angle of Jesus saying: I am the way, truth and the life. We asked the Saints to intercede/pray for us, but we do know that Jesus is the one who has the ultimate power to grant our prayers.

    God Bless… L

  3. In His Time says:

    So well put Melissa! thanks and blessings!!

    take care and keep in touch,

    let me know how I could help with the cooking sometime?? and serving?? if I could join when I’m not working!?



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