REFLECTION: Are you ready for Christmas?



Are you ready for Christmas?  In the hustle and bustle of the festivities, is the true meaning of Christmas slipping by?  In the midst of  activities, a passer-by had asked, “Are you ready?”  I looked at her with a momentary puzzlement, attempting to discern the depth of her question, and then with a smile, I answered “yes”.  But am I truly ready for Christmas?

During one of his homilies, Fr. Xavier had mentioned that the season of Advent was a time to prepare for Christmas.  The first 2 weeks was to prepare for the arrival of the Jesus’ birth and the latter two were to prepare for Him in our hearts.  Had I actually prepared my heart?  A majority of the decorations are now up and the tree is trimmed and lighted.  But, what about MY HEART?  I asked our Father and this is what I sensed Him say…  “If Christmas is truly the celebration of my Son’s birth, would anyone be ready for His second coming if I sent Him again on Christmas?”  I didn’t reply, but the heaviness and grief in my heart spoke clearly… “No Lord.”

Year after year, we celebrate Christmas, but as we do, have we been swayed from celebrating Jesus’ willing decision to come down to earth as a human to bring mankind back to the Father (the Creator), but instead focus on the material (the created)?  Multiple religious activists in North America are attempting to obliterate the name of Christ in the seasonal celebration.  Will the obliteration of the word “Christmas” eventually obliterate the true celebration in the memories and in the hearts of the people?

How will God find our hearts when Christmas rolls in?  Will he find us no different than where we were last year?  Will we wait for Advent to come around again before we make a change?  Only the Father knows when Jesus will return a second time and by that time, it’ll be too late to change.

Lord, please give us the grace to develop an intimate relationship with You.  Help us to realize how much You love us and help us to share the overflow of that love with our neighbours.  And Father, please give us the grace to ALWAYS be ready for Jesus’ return.  IN Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.

God bless,

Melissa – January 21, 2014/revised December 17/2014

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