REFLECTION: Did you see that?

Last night, the girls and their friends drove up with me to Cypress Bowl.  We had eagerly awaited the night sky in hopes of watching a meteor shower.  In spite of the company surrounding me, the drive appeared long as we drove slowly up the mountain, while the darkness enveloped us.  Eventually we found an open area and parked among others.

The girls had brought blankets along and they laid them on top of the car’s hood and the trunk.  I hesitated climbing up with them and decided to contort myself so that I was half standing and half lying on the hood.  A long term contortionist act isn’t in my calling and eventually, with the help of one of the girls and with a lot of scrambling, I was finally comfortably lying on the hood and watching the night sky.

Patience is a virtue and watching meteors shoot across the sky requires a lot of patience.  The paper had mentioned that 100 meteors would pass by each hour, but that didn’t happen while we were there.  It didn’t take long for us to see our first one, but after that, extended time needed to pass before another quickly flashed by.

Every attempt I made to entertain myself in song immediately got a plea for me to stop. I was “begged” for the sake of all the others.  I normally wouldn’t care less what others thought, but for the sake of not getting pelted by other unknown viewers, I decided to “stop”.

As we waited “silently”…cars continued to drive passed us, either driving further upwards towards the top of the mountain or returning back down.  The mobile cars were infuriating because the headlights were blinding and distracting.  Then, out of no where, a meteor would shoot by and someone would yell “Did you see that?!?!”  Unfortunately, our friend, Hysoo, would often say, “I missed it again!”  Eventually Michelle caught on and asked if her eyes were open.  Hysoo was falling asleep and Michelle kept poking her and asking her to wake up.

As I reflected on this with the Father this morning, I began to sense how this incident paralleled with our lives.  Miracles occur daily in our lives, but we often fail to catch them.  The regular miracles, such as being able to experience sight and sound, are like the stars that are visible every clear night.  We only recognize them as miracles if we take time to be still and to “glance” upward.  The special, extraordinary miracles that God blesses us with are like the shooting stars that swiftly pass by every so often. We fail to recognize them because our eyes are often “closed”.  The blinding and distracting headlights are the activities and cares of the world that often “blind” us from “seeing” and distracting us from spending time with the Father.

May the Father open up our spiritual eyes and ears so that we are able to “see” and “hear” Him and may He give us the grace to slow down long enough so we can catch each miracle that He showers in our lives.

God bless,

Melissa – August 13, 2010

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