REFLECTION: God delights in me?

Multiple years ago, as I joined two others in prayer ministry, we encountered an older gentleman who asked for prayer.  Delayed by a conversation with the previous recipient, I joined midway, informing the man not to be alarmed as I began praying behind him.  While the two in front ministered, I began to sense that our Father had a message for him  and so I said, “I am not sure why, but I am sensing our Father say He is so proud of you.”  The same promptings came throughout the session and as I received them, I repeated, “Sir, He still wants me to tell you how proud He is of you.”  At one point, the man lifted his right arm and he enbraced me while we continued to minister. By the time we closed, he turned around and said, “Iève never heard that before.”  To that I replied, He gave you a curve ball, didn’t He?  Just remember, God is so proud of you.”  To that, the gentleman, who arrived grumpy and with a stiff arm (I learned about it after the fact) cupped my face and said, “He is so proud of you too!”

Would you imagine yourself returning home after a long day to 3

Did you know God delights in you?  Yes, you!  At times, it seems too abstract to fathom.  How can a God who I canèt see or feel love meÉ  Scripture teaches us that ÈGod is spirit, and His worshippers must workship in spirit and in truth.È  John 4:24.

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