REFLECTION: Were you at Mass yesterday?

Were you at Mass yesterday?  I was and so were many others.  But my question searches deeper than the outer physical shell that we humans wear.  Were you at Mass in spirit and in mind?

Many of us often dash off to Mass in haste as we choose to forgo an activity or two.  Looking at things from this point of view, it is touching to know that many continue to choose to pass on an activity and to choose, instead, to spend an hour in the House of God.

But what good is that hour we have sacrificed if we enter His home with a “bubble” around us?  Have you noticed how some appear to be glazed eyed as they stand, sit and/or kneel under the cue of those around them?  I wonder how much penetrates into their consciousness as their minds drift off into another world, dwelling on activities that need to be done or could have been done.  I know that the answer is clearly NOTHING because I’ve been there and I’ve done that and I know I gain nothing by attending Mass in that state.

Precious words and a sacrament that could bring healing, comfort, joy and inner peace are missed because we have chosen to zone out of our reality and we have chosen, instead, to entertain day dreams to pass the time.

Sad isn’t it?  I wonder if our future actions and thoughts would be altered if we had a chance to eaves drop on a similar conversation that took place in Heaven before Jesus was conceived.  We hear God the Father say…”My people are dying.  They need redemption.  Something needs to be done to straighten my people.”  While in the fullness of His glory, Jesus replies…”Yes Father, I will go and redeem your people.  While still holding on to his deity, Jesus sets aside His authority and His power and He willingly chooses to become a creature. (footnote 1)  Then, at the very instant Mary said “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.” (Luke 1:38), the Holy Spirit came upon her and a single cell began to split…”and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us“. (John 1:14)

But why did Jesus become man?  It was, is, and will always be because God’s people need redemption (the act of delivering from sin or saving from evil).  Another human couldn’t do it nor could a traditional sacrificial lamb.  It had to take God to come down to earth and to take on a human form to do it.

Have you wondered whether God can feel our pain?  Can God embrace our short comings?  YES HE CAN… because Jesus became flesh and He pitched His tent among our tents.  Jesus moved into our neighbourhood. (footnote 1)

He experienced every human pain, every affliction, every thing humanly possible on the Cross and still be without sin so that each of us could be freely adopted as sons and daughters of God.  Because of Jesus, we can become co-heirs to God’s kingdom!

Pastor Ed Hird writes in his book “Battle for the Soul of Canada“…”Whoever told you that God is religious?  Spirituality is not about religion.  It is about relationship!”  “Never had I imagined that having a relationship with Jesus could be more fun than going to a party or getting drunk.  The term “relationship” just means “the shape of one’s relations.”

“What I’ve discovered is that much that is called “religion” binds you with a lot of rules and external rituals.  But genuine spirituality sets you free to enter into deeper more intimate relationships with God and those around you.  Even the Latin root for ‘religion’ (religare) means literally ‘to bind’ (ligare).”

“…the Bible is not a ‘religious’ book, Jesus is not a religious person, and God is not particularly interested in religion per se….  My prayer…is that we may be liberated from the chains of false religion, and released into the freedom of genuine religion, that of intimate spiritual relationship with our heavenly Father.”

Will you be at Mass this Sunday?  I hope you will because the Father is waiting to develop a deeper, intimate relationship with you.

God bless,


footnote 1: Portions of what I share have been adopted from Jim Murphy’s teachings on Praise and Worship.  (

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  1. In His Time says:

    Thank you for your interesting reflections, Melissa.

    Blessings, Ed+

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  2. Eva Lehoczky says:

    It’s a beautiful summary and analysis of the priceless value of the Holy Mass.
    Jesus remained with us sacramentally and in reality so we can meet Him this way every day.
    If we ponder on this reality we do not want to miss any moment of the Mass. But we are human beings we need grace to abandon ourselves to God asking Him to help us not loose attention, but be able to concentrate in order to direct our full attention to what is happening…
    “The Holy Mass is the most perfect prayer…”

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