REFLECTION: “Who killed God?”


As I listened to his pre-recorded talk (Footnote 1) the second time around, his words, once again, guided my thoughts to areas where I had never ventured.  The research done was extensive and what he quoted was so profound.  One question addressed was, “Who killed God?”


Over two thousand years ago, Roman guards nailed a Jewish man named Jesus on a cross.  Posted above him was a sign revealing his crime.  Penned in three languages (Latin; Hebrew and Greek) by Pontius Pilate, the chief officer of the Roman Empire, the sign declared the man to be “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.  Could there have been a mistake?  Undoubtedly.  The sign was written in three languages so that everyone, citizens and visitors alike, who wandered around the busy city would know what the man had done.  The sign was intended to mock the man, but instead, it revealed the truth.  The man died.  But the story doesn’t end there.  On the third day, this man named Jesus, the Son of God who willingly took on the form of man to bring mankind back to the Father, rose from the dead… and although he rose over two thousand years ago, he continues to remain alive and well today and through eternity.


“Who killed God?”  The Romans tried to, but death could not keep its grip on him.  Through the centuries, man continues on with his attempt to “kill”  God.  In truth, you and I readily partake in this attempt as we ignore and reject him, engaging in the alluring ways of the world, refusing to take a stand when our fellow men and women (unborn, young and old alike) are trampled because we choose the path of least resistance by saying and doing nothing.  We attempt to “kill” God when we keep him hidden for ourselves, refusing to share him with others.


Mankind’s attempt to eradicate God’s presence on planet earth is evident globally.  Our fingerprints and/or lack of them are visible every where and sadly, their affects are now readily seen in the shooting deaths of innocent children and young adults in venues where they are supposed to be taught to become the promising citizens of our future.  Bullying in schools and in society reigns, enabling those who have a temporary upper hand to cause havoc for a season, only later to reveal that the bullies themselves had been previously broken by another.  Children are bringing children into this world, many who are left to raise another not much younger than themselves on their own.  Multiple lives are taken by anorexia, bulimia, drugs and alcohol as each fails to successfully cope with the stress and the trials of this world.  Suicide rates (Footnote 2) have increased by 60% world wide over the last 45 years and “it is predicted that by 2020, the rate of death will increase to one every 20 seconds”.


We are angered by the death of many who are massacred by the detonation of a suicide bomb and yet, we fail to consider what the one who had taken their lives had been going through?  Healthy, happy individuals readily choose life.  It is only those who have nothing more to live for who can readily be coerced to take his/her own life along with others?  Have we forgotten that their families are merely humans and they, too, mourn the loss of their loved one?  Come to think of it, isn’t there an eerie similarity  between the suicide bombings and the random mass shootings in the public square in the Western world?


Social morality struggles to make a stand while many begin to embrace their opposing self-made values that are based on their own sentiments and whims.


“Who killed God?” No one did because God can’t be killed.   But unfortunately, “God made man” is quickly being replaced by “man made gods” on planet earth.


God bless,


Melissa –January 16, 2013–2:13 p.m.



1) Need God? What if I don’t? (Ravi Zacharias)

2) Suicide Statistics:

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